A simple yet powerful business plan builder

Easily create a compelling, modern business plan with AI assistance and clear, step-by-step guidance. Export anytime and share it with investors and partners.


Investor-ready Business Plans in minutes

Just like a virtual business coach that guides you through each step with clear instructions. Streamline the creation of a modern business plan that can be easily downloaded as a PDF or Word file, or shared directly with partners and investors.


Brainstorm business ideas

Don't have a business idea in mind? Unlock your creativity with AI powered business idea brainstormer. Generate innovative concepts effortlessly and refine them into actionable plans, setting the foundation for your next big success.


Flexible built-in editor

Perfect your business plan with our intuitive built-in editor. Easily add, modify, and refine content to suit your vision. Customize your plan by choosing what to keep or discard, and make unlimited edits until every detail aligns with perfection.


Easily overcome writer's block

Simply answer questions about your business and let Moxe AI generate creative ideas and polished text for each section of your plan. It fine-tunes tone, voice, and corrects any grammatical errors, ensuring your writing is seamless and professional.


Get simple guidance every step of the way

Start your business planning with ease using Brandmoxe's expert step-by-step guidance. From clear instructions, prompts, and customizable theme designs, to dedicated support, we equip you with everything needed to craft a professional business plan.


Create your ideal business plan outline

Arrange the sections in the order that best presents your idea, crafting a tailored outline that effectively sells your vision to investors.

Why is it so great?

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Brandmoxe offers a sophisticated yet user-friendly business planning and competitor analysis platform. Elevate your strategy, outpace competitors, and streamline decision-making to drive your business towards unparalleled success.

Customizable Design Themes

Elevate your presentations with customizable design themes for business plans. Select from a variety of professional designs tailored to reflect your brand's identity and engage your audience.

Share and Export

Easily share and export your data with just a few clicks. We provides convenient options to share with others or download your plan in different formats, for a smooth planning.

AI Assistant

Build your business plan faster with our integrated AI assistant. We go beyond basic planning by leveraging artificial intelligence, to streamline the planning process and enhance your efficiency.

Mobile Friendly

Plan on the go with our mobile-friendly design. Accessible from any device, our responsive design adapts to your screen size, providing convenience without compromising quality.

Trusted by businesses and entrepreneurs

  • “Brandmoxe has truly transformed the way I approach business planning. It helps me think through each step and ideas that go into developing a new project. This app is a must-have for any entrepreneur!”

    Emily W. - Small Business Owner
  • “Brandmoxe is a total game-changer for startups! The market analysis tools helped me identify new opportunities and refine our competitive edge. This app is an essential companion for any startup founder.”

    Alex R. - Startup Founder
  • “Brandmoxe combines simplicity with powerful features. The competitive discovery and analysis feature helped me discover and understand my market better. I highly recommend it to fellow business enthusiasts.”

    John M. - Tech Enthusiast
  • “As a marketer, I appreciate the depth of information provided by Brandmoxe's market analysis tools. Crafting effective strategies is now more efficient, thanks to the app's user-friendly interface. My go-to platform for comprehensive business planning anyday.”

    Samantha L. - Marketing Professional
  • “Brandmoxe's financial projection feature simplified the daunting task of forecasting for my startup. The intuitive interface made it easy to input data and visualize the financial future. A fantastic tool for financial planning and business strategy!”

    Jessica C. - Finance Professional
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Turn your ideas into a successful business.

Brandmoxe helps you to plan, strategize and propel great ideas into successful businesses. It is an innovative software for business planning, ideation and validation. Beyond basic business planning, it is your smart business companion and comprehensive planning system.

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