Elevate your business strategy with AI

Generate endless business ideas, gain insights on markets and competitors, and automate the creation of business plans. Recieve personalized tips and suggestions to refine your strategy and accelerate success.


Smarter and faster planning powered by AI

Tap into the expertise of our AI, trained on strategies from leading companies such as Amazon, Starbucks, and Walmart. Accelerate your market research and competitor analysis while receiving detailed feedback and analytics.


Recieve personalized tips.

Maximize your business's potential with AI-powered, personalized tips tailored specifically for you. Propel your strategy forward with custom advice and insights designed to enhance your success at every step.


Smart AI suggestions for strategic success

Unlock smarter business strategies with AI-driven suggestions for your products, services, ideal customers, and startup costs. Let AI guide every aspect of your business plan, paving your way to success.


Automate and Elevate Your Business Plan Writing

Boost the impact and credibility of your business plan with AI-driven automation. Perfect for presentations to investors and stakeholders, it enhances your writing by refining voice, tone, spelling, and grammar, ensuring your plan is not only persuasive but polished to perfection.


Multilingual support

Break down language barriers and expand your reach with Moxe AI assistant, available in 9 languages. Whether crafting your plan in English, Spanish, French, or beyond, our AI ensures clarity and precision every step of the way, enabling you to focus on what truly matters—growing your business globally.

Why is it so great?

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Brandmoxe offers a sophisticated yet user-friendly business planning and competitor analysis platform. Elevate your strategy, outpace competitors, and streamline decision-making to drive your business towards unparalleled success.

Eliminate writers block

Say goodbye to writer's block. Experience seamless writing as Moxe AI assistant generates ideas, structures your thoughts, and keeps the words flowing, so you can keep your creativity soaring.

Expert virtual business consultant

Moxe AI assistant empowers your business decisions, think of it as your expert virtual business consultant. Get real-time business ideas, insights, strategic advice, and actionable recommendations to chase your business goals confidently and efficiently.

Instantly improve your writing

Whether it's polishing grammar, enhancing style, or clarifying ideas, our AI assistant ensures your words make a powerful impact every time.

Trusted by businesses and entrepreneurs

  • “Brandmoxe has truly transformed the way I approach business planning. It helps me think through each step and ideas that go into developing a new project. This app is a must-have for any entrepreneur!”

    Emily W. - Small Business Owner
  • “Brandmoxe is a total game-changer for startups! The market analysis tools helped me identify new opportunities and refine our competitive edge. This app is an essential companion for any startup founder.”

    Alex R. - Startup Founder
  • “Brandmoxe combines simplicity with powerful features. The competitive discovery and analysis feature helped me discover and understand my market better. I highly recommend it to fellow business enthusiasts.”

    John M. - Tech Enthusiast
  • “As a marketer, I appreciate the depth of information provided by Brandmoxe's market analysis tools. Crafting effective strategies is now more efficient, thanks to the app's user-friendly interface. My go-to platform for comprehensive business planning anyday.”

    Samantha L. - Marketing Professional
  • “Brandmoxe's financial projection feature simplified the daunting task of forecasting for my startup. The intuitive interface made it easy to input data and visualize the financial future. A fantastic tool for financial planning and business strategy!”

    Jessica C. - Finance Professional
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Turn your ideas into a successful business.

Brandmoxe helps you to plan, strategize and propel great ideas into successful businesses. It is an innovative software for business planning, ideation and validation. Beyond basic business planning, it is your smart business companion and comprehensive planning system.

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